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Dear School Director;

This is an invitation to join us in a wonderful and exciting opportunity!

The Friends of Families with Children in Crisis Foundation, originally founded in 1998 as The Friends of CEDU Foundation, is a non-profit corporation recognized as a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Formed by concerned parents of alumni as an independent, self-governing group separate and distinct from any program, The Foundation continues to be managed and directed by volunteer Trustees. The Foundation's goal is to eliminate attrition from participating schools and programs due to financial hardship.

Since our re-engineering effort began in October 2006, we have helped four families. With the collaboration and support of Oakley School, Boulder Creek Academy, King George School and New Leaf Academy of North Carolina, these families have been able to secure the financial support necessary to allow their child's continued enrollment through to completion.

The Foundation pursues its mission and financial commitment by guaranteeing loans for families with students in need. Additionally, we hope to raise enough monies to enable us to also grant scholarships as needed.

We invite you to join us in our mission to assist families by becoming a participating school/program and/or donor. If your school/program meets the criteria you may be able to receive funds from the Foundation on behalf of enrolled students in need.

Click Here to view and complete the school/program verification checklist, please mail or fax to confirm/submit for eligibility. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding either the eligibility criteria or donor opportunities, including targeted giving options designed to support specific participating schools/programs.

We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to working with you in this important endeavor.




In order to work with and receive funds from The Foundation schools/programs shall meet the following criteria:

• Discount price on tuition

• Membership in good standing with N.A.T.S.A.P. or other appropriate state recognized oversight agency

• Are identified as either an Emotional Growth, Special Needs or Therapeutic Boarding School

• Require a one year minimum length of stay

• Offer psychotherapy as a part of overall programming

• Academic accreditation by a state recognized accrediting body

• Receipt of a positive consensus from their peers through the annual Parent Empowerment Handbook survey conducted by Woodbury Reports, Inc.

• Do not demonstrate a specific designated religious affiliation

• Have a parent participation or education requirement

• Be willing to allow members of Friends of Families Foundation to contact past and present parents to see if they would like to participate in fund-raising




"Thank you Friends of Families Foundation for supporting our families and providing options which allow our students to complete their treatment at Boulder Creek Academy. I'm glad the foundation is up and running and proud to be partnering with you to help families complete their programs."

Paul Johnson, Executive Director,
Boulder Creek Academy