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Knowing the importance of successful completion, The Foundation strives to ensure that all currently enrolled students are given the opportunity for program completion.

To receive financial support from The Foundation families shall meet the following criteria:

• Show evidence of need

• Submit a letter of recommendation from the participating program/school

• Child must be currently enrolled in the participating program/school for a minimum of six (6) months

• Commitment to their child's completion/graduation from the program/school

• Parents shall demonstrate commitment and history of participation in required parent education programming

• Willingness to support The Foundation’s fund-raising efforts through the use of their likeness and experience with The Foundation (financial information will not be published or shared)

Through participation in and completion of their schools/programs curriculum, students are provided with the opportunity to develop emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically within a supportive and safe environment.

The Foundation does not pay past due balances or other non-tuition related or ancillary fees.




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I am so appreciative for The Foundation's help. It was a pure blessing that The Foundation was able to help with my daughter. Without their help, Katie would not have been able to finish her Senior year. I am so proud of her. I owe The Foundation so much, they saved my daughter. I don't want to think of what might have happened had she returned home before finishing. They should be called the Angel Foundation. How can I ever thank them."

"Warmest regards to The Foundation from a very grateful mother."

"Because of the generosity of [The Foundation] we were able to see our daughter, Ashlee graduate with her High School Diploma from Northwest Academy.  To see her on stage with her diploma in hand was such a moment of pride and satisfaction for all of us.  Ashlee had worked so hard at Northwest Academy, and to have to pull her out of Northwest Academy because we couldn't afford to pay her tuition would have ruined all of the hard work Ashlee and our family had done.  We can never thank [The Foundation] enough.  Their financial aid helped to get our beautiful sweet daughter back."  Marilyn

"Dear Dr. Powell,

I feel forever grateful and indebted to you and all the people who work hard to raise the funds to support families like ours. You have a permanent residency in my heart. I wish you all the best to you personally and to the Foundation."

Here is part of this family's story,

"On December 6, 2010, my family participated in the graduation ceremonies at Monarch School. My 16 year old son was one of the graduates. Proudly speaking to a room full of staff, students, and families, my son said, "Without this school, I most likely would have been dead." That momentous graduation day, filled with great pride, deep gratitude, joy and hope would not have come to pass without your support.

My son entered the therapeutic boarding school in May 2009. He was, at the time, as he said, inches away from being another horrifically tragic teen statistic. In October 2009, I ran into serious financial difficulties. With the downturn of the economy, I found myself, as a single mother, unable to continue to pay my son's required monthly tuition. Friends of Families with Children in Crisis Foundation and the Monarch Parent Foundation immediately responded to my plea for support. They not only advanced the necessary funds for my son to continue his program, but took care of all the necessary logistical and administrative work in such a way that I felt completely surrounded by my closest and more reliable friends, and yet I had not met any of the folks who worked to make it all happen. To this day, I don't even know who most of them are nor what they look like!

And they did this not once but twice. It turned out that my son needed to stay a few months longer at the school than originally planned in order to complete his important emotional growth program, and I still did not have sufficient funds to make that happen. And twice, Friends of Families with Children in Crisis and the Monarch Parent Foundation responded with great urgency.

My son is home now. He is a strong and solid teenager, clear about his goals in life, confident with himself and proud of his accomplishments. He became a leader at his therapeutic boarding school, the go to student, the one that others looked up to for inspiration and guidance. He went from being an F student who thought that his lot in life was to be a despicable failure to being a straight A student who is looking forward to great successes and contributions in his life. Two years ago, death seemed to him like a desperately needed reprieve from an interminable nightmare. Today, he looks to the future with great hope and enthusiasm.

That would absolutely not have been possible without the support I received. There are many families whose children, like my son, are walking the thin line between innocent joy and utter despair, between sanity and insanity, or between life and death. I hope that my story can inspire you to donate generously to the Friends of Families with Children in Crisis so that other parents can receive the support they need to save their children." Forever grateful, The mother of a lucky child